Latest 1 day workshop on Artificial Intelligence will be presided by Prof. T N SINGH Director IIT Patna
Sector of COE's Bihar

73rd Republic Day Celebration flag hoisting in IIT Patna

Sector of CoEs

IoT/AI Industry 4.0

AI CoEs are proving to be critical in the digital age .... while keeping up with the rate of innovation benefiting from growing knowledge and best practices.All of this is boosting business technological transformation while providing essential use cases.

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3D Printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing... is a method of creating a three dimensional object layer-by-layer using a computer created design.

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Industrial Automation

An automation center of excellence (COE) includes... the people,processes, and technology necessary to maximize the benefits of automation, including robotic process automation. It is crucial to finding new automation opportunities, scaling your automation within the organization, and carrying out a long-term vision.

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Electric Vehicals

COE-EV is the setup of the comprehensive state of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Electric Vehicles (2W, 3W, passenger cars, buses and commercial vehicles) and their components such as traction batteries, motors, controllers, chargers etc. COE-EV offers clear advantages for hybrid/electric and autonomous vehicle manufacturers. COE-EV enables thermal management solutions for energy-dense batteries, powerful e-motors, and quick charging, and A better ride experience as vehicles become work and social environments, and Durable, upgradeable, and user-friendly charging stations.

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Drones Technology

implementation of drone technology such as ...technologic all advancements, training, legal aspects, administrative management, and logistics. With increasing demand of drones in the field of infrastructure, engineering, security, surveillance, environmental studies and monitoring, drone technology undoubtedly has now become the primary key to nation's development.

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Robots are widely used in industry 4.0 to either ... fully automate production, or augment and assist the human workforce, making the production process safer, more efficient and cost-effective.These critical AI capabilities enable machines to mimic humans in certain aspects such as NLP and image recognition. In other cases AI algorithms are able to demonstrate far superior capabilities, such as in robotics and predictive analytics. Robotics has assisted brain research in various situations. COE-Robotics is a state of the art Embedded Syst ems and Robotics training centre. With a focus of strengthening technology training and improving educational systems.
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